In the age of bath bombs, essential oils, and 10-step skincare routines, the concept of self-care is nothing new. For some it may even be just a buzzword that will fade from relevance soon enough. Not for Brigetta Anselmi, our resident superwoman and founder of AllowYourself.

Brigetta has an intimate relationship with self-care because it’s a lesson that took her years to learn. The mum of three was like any devoted working parent: she juggled running a business, managing a household, and raising children and supporting their pursuits amidst the peripheral demands of life—all of which she accomplished at the expense of her own health and energy.

Her experience of burnout and an earth-shattering breast cancer diagnosis led her to search for a kinder, healthier attitude towards her body. It was a gradual process, but this new path involved building a work-life balance that would result in her becoming a happier and more effective mother, friend, and businesswoman.

The lessons she learned from these tough circumstances then sparked an idea in her mind. It was a persisting thought that refused to be ignored for years until Brigetta finally (and thankfully) took action, resulting in the establishment of Allow Yourself.

“I wanted women and men to celebrate themselves and those around them, like through sending care packages to family, friends, workmates, or just someone they know who is going through some challenges. I think there’s something so incredibly powerful about that small act,” shares Brigetta. “These things truly matter, and that’s why we’re so careful to choose items from brands that we connect with, believe in, and are proud to showcase—and share.”

AllowYourself is for everyone, even yourself.

One point that Brigetta wants to make clear is that the need for attention and care is universal. It is there regardless of your age or gender.

She and her team thoughtfully developed their subscription service to allow “the ongoing delight of an AllowYourself box delivered monthly to a daughter, son, mother, father, friend, etc. It’s so much more than the products. It is a chance to say you’re thinking about someone and encouraging them to take care of and pamper themselves.”

Self-care is a gift—one that we have the power to offer to other people and ourselves. Brigetta’s first-hand experience of how life can bring down women makes her especially excited to share this message with other women.

“We lead such busy lives, so I can’t stress enough how important it is to just stop sometimes. Allow yourself a pause. Allow yourself a reset. Allow yourself time to recognize your efforts.

“It was one of these tiny moments that led me to that doctor’s appointment that transformed how I live and how I see life. I’m still learning, but now I’m able to listen to my body and treat it with respect. ”

With the help of Brigetta’s wisdom and expertise, our team continues to expand AllowYourself’s product range. (More to come soon!) Our goal is to give you plenty of options to let you discover new ways to love and appreciate yourself.

We may be a small family business in New Zealand, but we are passionate about health and wellness and are most of all driven by heart—one that Brigetta has nurtured with her inspiring approach to life.