Fun, Family Friendly, and Allergen Free

The Good Vitamin Co.'s soft chews are Halal certified, gluten-free, dairy-free, and nut-free. Their vegetarian-friendly formulas also use no artificial flavors and have no sugar coating. You can easily care for the health of the whole family with kid-approved flavors packed with all the good stuff (and none of the harmful ones!).

Their passion is simple: inspiring both parents and children to develop positive health habits that will last them a lifetime. Let The Good Vitamin Co. be your partner to a healthier you!

Halal Certified

All supplements are free of gelatine,
alcohol, and non-Halal animal byproducts

Certified Gluten Free

Reviewed and approved by the
internationally recognized
New Zealand Coeliac Society

Passion for Goodness

Soft chews widely loved by and fill
nutritional gaps for both
children and adults