The Home of Scientific
Green Beauty

Scientifically Validated
Antipodes works with scientific experts in New Zealand to formulate effective products that will give you glowing, healthy skin. They are one of the very few beauty brands in the world who undergo in-vitro investigations to ensure that every drop of their formulations produces real, visible results.

Sustainability & Natural Ingredients
All products are made in New Zealand using locally sourced ingredients, which are then packaged using premium, recyclable materials. From creation to packaging, there's no guilt with Antipodes. Enjoy cruelty-free, pollution-free skincare that works wonders.

Proudly NZ-made

Founded, owned, and made from
Wellington to the world

100% Natural Origin

Certified vegan and organic by
VegSoc, BioGro, and other international organizations

Ethically Packaged

On a journey to 100% plastic-free
packaging, kerbside recyclability in NZ, and traceability and transparency