Living By Choice,
not By Symptom

Though a natural part of aging, the menopausal stage is often filled with challenging symptoms. The women behind MenoMe® have experienced its highs and lows, and are thus passionate about providing women with the means to take control of their lives with natural, evidence-based solutions.

MenoMe®'s herbal supplements are formulated using superhero ingredient keraGEN-IV® and clever blend of Saffron, Fenugreek and Sage to make sure that each product safely and effectively addresses the needs of women in their middle years.

By Women, For Women

Powered by women who have had
real struggles with menopause, and
loved by women with real
experiences of menopause.

Backed by Science

Key ingredients EstroG-100™,
Enzogenol®, keraGEN-IV®,
Aquamin, and Biotin have
undergone thorough research and
trials to ensure effective support for
various stages of menopause.

Vegan and Vegetarian

40+ and 55+ are both made with
naturally formulated vege
capsules that are suitable for
vegan and vegetarian diets.