Blending Science and Tradition

In its over 40 years of service to customers from New Zealand and beyond, Harker Herbals remembers that nature was our first path to healing and is still a rich source of powerful ingredients today. Through the expertise of their herbalists and naturopaths, they have continuously tapped into the often overlooked healing capabilities of plants.

From the days of manually weighing herbs and blending tonics, all Harker Herbals products are now produced in a GMP-certified facility in Hawkes Bay, New Zealand. From there they are sent around the world to spread holistic wellness to all.

Proudly New Zealand

Harker Herbals is a true homegrown NZ
business that began as a herbal
apothecary in Waipu in 1981.

Healthy Herbal Innovations

Each formulation is developed from
Malcolm Harker’s work, with new ranges
now being produced by a leading
New Zealand herbalist.

Sustainably Sourced

All herbs are sourced from reputable
suppliers and tested for harmful chemicals.