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Brigetta's Journey

On Daffodil Day, Brigetta Anselmi shares her personal journey as a source of inspiration and to highlight the invaluable support of the Cancer Society. Standing with her partner Alan and their children, she aims to provide hope for those battling cancer.

Following a friend's breast cancer diagnosis, Brigetta felt a strong intuition about her own health. Despite doctors' reassurances, she insisted on further tests which revealed a significant lump and mass, along with lymph node involvement. A subsequent biopsy confirmed her fears, leading to a double mastectomy and a life-changing diagnosis.

Brigetta underwent chemotherapy, radiation, and Herceptin treatments, which were particularly challenging as she moved closer to her children in Dunedin. Feeling isolated and overwhelmed, she turned to the Cancer Society for support. Their home visits, counseling, and care packages provided much-needed emotional relief during her difficult journey.

While her cancer journey continues, Brigetta has learned to trust her intuition and embrace life. The Cancer Society's unwavering support helped her rebuild after the diagnosis and burnout. She now seeks a healthier balance, resulting in a happier and more effective life as a mother, partner, friend, and businesswoman.

Margie's Story

Margie Mitchell's life took an unexpected turn during a family Easter gathering when an innocent touch led to a life-altering discovery. A biopsy revealed a tumor, and her subsequent journey included a mastectomy, chemotherapy, and radiation. Supported by the Cancer Society's caring team, Margie found strength and emerged resilient. She transformed her experience into a mission, becoming a volunteer and lifeline for others facing similar battles.

Margie's journey is a testament to the power of community, resilience, and the life-changing impact of the Cancer Society. Despite the challenges, she stands as a symbol of hope and perseverance, a living testament to the incredible strength within us all.

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